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TOPIK Ⅰ Reading for Beginners

  • Kind explanation as in one-on-one lessons

  • Clear exam guide

  • Taught by writer of textbook

Power Prep for 한국어능력시험 TOPIK Ⅰ Reading

Power Prep for 한국어능력시험 TOPIK Ⅰ Reading is one of the TOPIK prep courses provided by K-Study Korea. This course focuses on getting students ready for the exam on their own pace. Throughout the lessons, students are guided from test format, the fundamental concetpts of reading comprehension of different reading passages to actual test practices. The instructor is a TOPIK prep expert who are currently teaching Korean language at Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea.

This course is based on a textbook , New TOPIK Reading for Beginners (Pagijong press) and writer of this textbook teaches you at this course.

Students need to have basic Korean language skills before taking this course. You should be able to understand basic Korean language and able to read and write Hangeul.

Total 18 lessosns

Instructor: Suhyun Kim

Language: Korean

instructor: Su Hyun Kim

Su Hyun Kim is the co-author for ‘New TOPIK Reading for Beginners’ and is an expert who is teaching at Kookmin University’s Korean Language Center.

Bachelor and Master’s Degree from Kook-min University
Majored in Korean Language and Literature.


Worked as Korean Instructor at Seoul Korean Academy
Currently working as Korean Education Instructor at Kook-min University Korean Language Center
& Korean language instructor at Kookmin University

* Reading Text Types of TOPIK Ⅰ*

Lesson 1 Notices
Lesson 2 Invitations
Lesson 3. Advertisements
Lesson 4. Requests
Lesson 5. Informative Sentences
Lesson 6. Expressing Experience and Feelings

*Test Practice on TOPIK Question Types
Lesson 7. For question 31-33, What is it about?
Lesson 8. For question 34-39, Completing Short Sentences
Lesson 9. For question 40-42, Finding Details 1
Lesson 10. For question 43-45, Finding Details 2
Lesson 11. For question 46-48, Finding Main Idea
Lesson 12. For question 49-56, Finding Appropriate Vocabulary / Same Meaning
Lesson 13. For question 57-58, Sequencing
Lesson 14. For question 59-66, Reading Comprehension / Same Meaning
Lesson 15. For question 67-70, Finding Appropriate Vocabulary / Inference

*Actual Tests
Lesson 16. Actual Test 1
Lesson 17. Actual Test 2
Lesson 18. Actual Test3

Textbook: New TOPIK Reading Beginners (Pagijung Press.)

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