ERICA K-POP Camp 2019

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   Summer Festival Ansan (4 weeks)
Summer Camp (2 weeks)
Fall Camp  & Korean Language (10 weeks)

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Professional K-POP training program


Private and/or group lessons to learn choreography of one designated song

Vocal (singing ballad)

Private lessons for solo & group lessons (2 or more)
Practice one designated ballad song

Participants choose a track out of 3 tracks

Track #1. Vocal (singing ballad)
Private lessons for solo & group lessons (2 or more)
Practice one designated ballad song

Track #2. Vocal & dance
Singing one designated dance music with its choreography
Private & group singing & dance lessons (2 or more)

Track #3. Dance
Private and/or group lessons to learn choreography of one designated song.

Features of class

1) K-Pop : vocal training

  • 1:1 lessons tailored to each trainee after analyzing his/her voice, breathing & vocalizing features
  • Selecting best-fit song together with trainee followed by private singing lessons for the song
  • Group and private lessons for chorus line for the melody, harmony and arrangement of the song
  • Vocal ensemble practice for the selected song (group)
  • Individual vocal practice for the selected song (1: 1 lesson)

2) K-Dance

  • Physical training (group)
  • Learning and practicing basic steps (group)
  • Group and private lessons for basic movement: turn, eye and face expression
  • Practice group dance positioning (group)

3) Performance

  • At the stage of Conference Hall, Hanyang University ERICA
  • Performance under real K-Pop concert environment with stage sound and light equipment
  • Awards given to winners of each part (medals will be given to all participants)
  • Rehearsal from 10 am until 3 pm

4) Completion Ceremony

  • Announcement of the winners and Awards Ceremony
  • Completion Certificate as well as USB of video clips of 2-week camp life, lessons and performance given to all camp participants


K-POP Academy, Korean Language classrooms, hotel, cafeteria, auditorium all inside Guest House building

2F – K-POP Training Facilities

Accommodation | Cafeteria


Prof. Lee Byung Jun
Prof. Lee Byung JunVocal training Chief Instructor
* Adjunt professor of Applied Music Department of Hanyang University ERICA
BA in Music Composition at Seoul National University
MA in Department of Performing Arts of Kyung Hee University Art Fusion Design School
Music composition & arrangement for Lee Hyori, Lee So-ra, Jo Kyu-chan, Park Wan-kyu and more
Prof. Jung Si Hyun
Prof. Jung Si HyunK-Dance Chief Instructor
* Professor of Continuing Education Center of Hanyang University ERICA Campus
Completed PhD at Hanyang University Graduate School of Dance Department of Arts
Won, Young-Jo 원영조
Won, Young-Jo 원영조Vocal training Instructor
MA, New York State University
PhD, Music Technology at Sangmyung University
Professor/Studio Composition & Production Dept. of Kukje University of Art
Producer, Evans Music KoreaThe Burgundy, Webtrino leader, composition, arrangement, producer
Gang Wha-Sung 강화성
Gang Wha-Sung 강화성 Vocal training Instructor
BA, Seoul Institute School of Arts
Music producer of tvN Super Diva
Music arrangement
MBC 나는 가수다 – Jo, Gyu Chan, Sin Hyo Bum, etc.
MBC 듀엣가요제 – Yangpa, Super Junior, etc.
芒果TV 나는가수다 Hwang Chi-Yul
KBS 불후의 명곡 – Park Jung-Hung, Hwan Hee, Sweet Soroow
Music producer & arrnagement : drama OST MBC ‘종합병원 2’
Choi, Hyun-A 최현아
Choi, Hyun-A 최현아 Vocal training Instructor
Song, Hee-Ran 송희란
Song, Hee-Ran 송희란Vocal training Instructor
Jo, Young-Eun 조영은
Jo, Young-Eun 조영은Vocal training Instructor
Kim Kyung-Bok 김경복
Kim Kyung-Bok 김경복 K-Dance Instructor
Choreographer/dancer/dance trainer
Yu Arum유아름
Yu Arum유아름 K-Dance Instructor
Choreographer/dancer/dance trainer
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