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Korean Language Courses at universities

Korean language courses are available at many Korean universities.

Enrollment at a university language institute is the most preferred method for most students who seek university level education in Korea. Students have 15 to 20 hours of language education each week during the 10 to 12 week long course. The fee is typically around 950,000 to 1,500,000 Korean won. Most courses are aimed at adult students. Some courses have special culture events where students can occasionally visit local cultural sites.

Admission Procedures
Filling out the Application form → Document Examination → Tuition fee payment
→ Admission approval → Document Issued → Visa Application/Extension

Example of admission documents
* Application form
* Copy of passport
* Passport photo
* Certificate of bank balance and certificate of proof of bank balance(US$ 5,000 or more)
* Graduation Certificate
* Transcript
* Authorized identification
* Application fee

Featured university:
Korea University Sejong Campus

KU Sejong sets a new standard for Korean language education

Korea University Sejong Campus With a history exceeding 100 years, Korea University (KU), having initially established itself as a “university of the Korean people,” is now poised to grow as a world-class university. As an integral unit of KU, Sejong Campus is endeavoring to realize KU’s ambition of transcending national boundaries to become a global institution of higher learning, and its vision of developing superlative global leaders and creating new knowledge for the advancement of humanity. KU Sejong Campus, in its pursuit of global leadership in higher education, has been continuously expanding its state-of-the-art education infrastructure to create a global residential complex while focusing on nurturing talents intellectually, morally and physically. KU Sejong Campus is committed to supporting all of its students in realizing their dreams and ambitions.

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Yonsei University

The Korean Language Institute was established on April 1st, 1959 as the first institute to provide intensive Korean language courses. The KLI not only has been offering Korean culture but also played a role introducing Korean culture and history through its language training to students, missionaries and diplomats.

All teachers are experienced and specially trained to teach Korean to non-native speakers. The attentive KLI staff continually work towards providing an enriched environment for their students.Today, the KLI has turned into a large-scale institute where 140 instructors teach approximately 1,700 students per term. 5,865 students have graduated from KLI in the past 53 years and total of 100,044 students from 144 countries have studied Korean at KLI.

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Korea University

The KLC is a specialized educational institution of Korean language and culture. It was established on March 1 in 1986 with the goal of introducing the Korean language and culture to the world in line with the rising status of South Korea. Approximately 50,000 international students and overseas Koreans have attended KLC training programs to learn about Korean language, society, and culture. Currently, approximately 4,000 students are participating in Korean language and culture training programs.

KLC graduates note that the program is widely recognized around the world for its systematic curriculum that reflects the diverse needs of learners, excellent faculty members who majored in Korean language education, superb teaching materials that reflect the characteristics of the Korean language, effective and modern teaching methods, and friendly classroom atmosphere.

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Kyung Hee University

Korean language education first began in October, 1991 as a program only for exchange students invited by the committee of the Korea Foundation. Due to the recent trends of internationalization and globalization, interest in Korean language and the traditional culture of Korean society has been steadily rising. The Korean Language Program, since it first began in April, 1993, has become more systematic in its approach after the Korean language department of IIE incorporated it (formerly the Language Research Institute’s Korean language course) in June, 1997.

The program began with 10 students in 1993. In 1999, some 1,400 students including overseas Koreans and foreigners completed the program. In 2000, 1,600 students from 32 different countries came to partake in the program. In just a year, the number grew to 1,800 students, representing 35 different countries. Recently in 2007, 2,500 students comprised of diplomats and their family members, overseas Koreans and foreign exchange students, representing 60 different nations, completed the program, showing a steady growth of our program.

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Dongguk University

Institute of International Language – Korean Language Program

As a part of the Institution of International Education, the Korean Language Program opened in 2002 by the Center for Language Research and Instruction.
In 2005, it’s reorganized as Korean Language Education center and it is expended as Korean Language Program. The Program’s goal is to teach the Korean language, culture and history to foreigners and Koreans abroad. Also, the Korean language program runs Korean programs for students who want to attend a Korean University or Korean graduate school to acquire Korean abilities necessary to gain scholastic aptitudes.
The Korean Language Program provides opportunities to experience and understand Korean culture through “culture activity program” such as field trip. In addition to a regular Korean program, foreign students can study and understand Korean and Korean culture by paring up with Korean students of Dongguk University who want to help them.

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