Applied Music Department

Record high competition rate of 500:1 to enter every year!

Applied Music Department
D-4 visa
Test prep

Joint program of K-POP & Korean Language

Institute of International Education ERICA New 2L’ Program

10 week per semester (4 semesters/year)
4 hours every day
Classes divided 6 levels after level test
Classroom sessions and culture experience sessions connected to the New 2L Korean language program
Course integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing, focusing on communication through classroom and small-group activity

Institute of International Education ERICA

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Option 1. 6-month K-POP College preparation program for international students who would like to study K-POP for undergraduate degree (Applied Music Department) at ERICA or other universities of Korea.

Option 2. 2 years ERICA K-POP degree is for international students who already finished 2 year or above college education and continue their study K-POP to achieve K-POP undergraduate degree.