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ERICA Winter K-POP Camp: Jan 07 ~ Jan. 19, 2019

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Why Study in Korea?

High Quality Education

Korea has been recognized globally for its excellence in Education

Various Subjects

Universities in Korea offer advanced curriculum in Economics, Business, IT and more

Rich Culture

K-pop, K-drama, and traditional Korean culture

Korea preserves unique culture of its own

Experience and understand Korean culture while you are living in Korea

Dynamic Korea

Seoul is one of the busiest cities in the world

Feel the Energy

Korea is a country that has grown in such a short time

Cost Effective

Low tuition and Living expenses

More Affordable

Compared to other countries like US, Canada or Great Britain.


.Apply for scholoarship

Numerous scholarship

Scholarship from Government, foundations and universities

Employment Assistance

Job Fair for International Students every year by KOTRA

Find your Job

Get your university degree, TOPIK 5 or more and apply for global positions

Want to Know How?

With K-Study Online Consulting program, you do not have to do all by yourself!


Coming to Korea to study for languages or degrees is exciting! But universities in Korea require a list of documents in application package. To prove your Korean language ability, TOPIK level 3 or higher is required as well. Studying for TOPIK, choosing what to study, selecting universities to apply to and preparing all documents, K-study consultant will be with you and provide professional assistant!

  • We collect information from you to help

  • You will get support from educational consultant

  • We work with you for your future career

  • 3 universities selected

  • Document screening to upgrade your application

Prepare for your TOPIK exam more easily!

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